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At A Glance

  • 15 Average Class Size
  • 30% Students Enrolled in Advanced Math & Science
  • A Google for Education School
  • 1:1 Device Initiative
  • 12 Middle School Sports Offered
  • 8th Graders Eligible for HS Sports
  • 100% Student Participation in Community Outreach
  • 11 Electives Offered
  • 0 Common Core, CRT, or Gender Education


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Flag Day

Time: 12 PM
Location: Flagpole

Flag Day

Time: 12 PM
Location: Flagpole
MS girls volleyball


HCMS is a family within the larger HOPE family. The pre-teen and teen years can be challenging emotionally and socially. We want our students to know that they are made in the image of their creator, and their value is defined in Christ, not in the things or opinions of this world.  That they are loved. We nurture a focus on service to others and teamwork - be it sports, or drama, or band - as a great way to prevent the lack of joy that can accompany too much focus on self.
I went to Hope from Kindergarten through 12th grade and I LOVED having a school that felt more like a family.

Alum review on Niche 2022
There are no do-overs. As parents, we only have one chance to solidify the faith of our children. We absolutely want them to be a light in the world ... once they have a solid foundation from which to shine!

- The Allens, HOPE parents
Hope definitely gave me an academic foundation that set me up for my future successes in college and in my career. The nuanced teacher student interactions, gifted program options, college preparatory focus, and spiritual growth guidance really helps to put out well rounded, confident, and capable students. Also, the community it fosters lasts far after the student matriculates!

-Alum review on Niche
Great faculty, excellent and highly challenging curriculum with faith and moral based teaching added to provide a solid education. and positive environment for kids.

- Facebook parent review
All four of our children graduated from Hope Christian School. They attended 6-12 grades. All have completed competitive university degrees and two have completed graduate school. We could not be more pleased with the academic preparation, the incredible role models our children had in the classroom and sports, and the lifelong friendships they developed. Hope has been the best financial investment we could have made in our children's lives to set them up for academic and spiritual success in life.

-Parent review on Niche
The Mission of Hope Christian School is to pray for, equip and send Christ-centered, passionate leaders to change the world.